Machine Learning Solutions Development
Boost your business KPIs by using state of the art machine learning solutions
Our Advantages
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
Each member of our team has at least 3 years of legal experience.
We offer you a professional 30-minute consultation with our specialist.
Our prices are fixed for some standard services.
Featured Projects
Chatbot Development
Build state of the art conversational AI to automate client communication and reduce expenses by 4%

Make deep-learning recommendations accessible and affordable for SMB to boost revenue by 6%.
Voice Assistant
Increase your customers' satisfaction by using novel technologies to automate daily routine
Our Team
Pavel Fakanov
Founder & Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Pavel is our founder and technical leader, who has a solid technical background that he acquired while working in tech giants, such as Yandex, as well as excellent business problem-solving skills acquired at international startups, such as Replika (YC W15) and a London-based VR startup. His expertise and achievements were recognized internationally, while pursuing Masters degree in Computer Science at Columbia University in the City of New York.
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